PTC Creo EMX for Creo 7.0

PTC Creo EMX for Creo 7.0

PTC Creo EMX for Creo 7.0 | 295.7 mb
The B&W Software development team is pleased to announce the availability of Creo Expert Moldbase Extension (EMX) This version is compatible with Creo Parametric and supports cut out creation in multi body parts.


– Add new and update existing D-M-E Europe locating rings: F1360, F1367, RB, DHR21, R19, R20, R22, R23, R40, R60, R60L, RB60 and RB90
– Add new and update exisitng D-M-E Europe guide components: R01, R02, R03, R03W, R04, R04W, R05, R08, R09, APD, IPWC, IPNH, FBC, FBN, FSC, FSN, FB120, FB140, FW14, GB112, GB113, GB114, GEB, TD, ZH, F1000, F1010, F1020, F1030, F1040, F1100, F1110, F1120, F1121, F1125 F1126, F1127, F1140, F1144, F1145, 1150, F1332, FW1213. [RM-9347] [RM-9346]
– Add new and update existing D-M-E Europe support Pillars: SP, FW28, FW29.
– Add new and update existing D-M-E Europe ejector pins: CHE28, EAH28, ENA05, ENC05, EOA05, EPA05, EPC05, EPD28, ERA05, ERFAQ, EDC, EDH, PCM, FW, FK, S, KS, EAV, F2R and F4R. [RM-10587]
– Add D-M-E Europe knockout components: F1050 and 1515.
– Add MEUSBURGER knockout component: E1515.
– Move MEUSBURGER knockout E1514 from screw to knockout category.
– Improve MEUSBURGER ejector package guiding unit with collar E1325
– Improve MEUSBURGER ejector package guiding unit E1330
– Issued fixed: ssue in Meusburger component E3143_ and E3141_. [RM-10311]
– Issued fixed: Creo Parametric configured with EMX exits prematurely when modifying surface in mold assembly. [RM-10395] [SPR-10621485]
– Issued fixed: Ordernumber of Meusburger F53 plates is not correct. [RM-10541]
– Issued fixed: Dimension error in MEUSBURGER E3119 silder component. [RM-10544]
– Issued fixed: IdentifyTrimSurfaces functionality is not available anymore in Part and Assembly Mode [RM-10579]
– Issued fixed: Invalid Dimension in Meusburger FM90 babyplast guide package. [RM-10602]
– Issued fixed: Do not allow to define a new ejector with existing modelname. [RM-10718]
– Issued fixed: In case different ejector typ is selected and nominal values are not selected the ordernumber is incorrect. [RM-10719]
– Issued fixed: Automatic chamfer creation does not work for patterned components. [RM-10736]
– Issued fixed: Wrong BORE_REF_DIA values in HASCO cooling component Z98. [RM-10789]
– Issued fixed: HASCO core retainer plates can not be selected. [RM-10792]
– Issued fixed: Crash in case floating licenese is released and flexlm version is 11.12 and older. [RM-10848]

B&W Software did not create this content for this release.

Creo Expert Moldbase Extension (EMX)is an indispensable add-on tool for moldmakers and toolmakers that eliminates time-consuming, tedious tasks and the need for data translation that typically slows down the product development process.

PTC Creo EMX allows users to create moldbase layouts in a familiar 2D environment and automatically generate a 3D model to leverage the benefits of 3D design. The 2D process-driven GUI guides you toward your optimal design and updates automatically during the development of the moldbase. You can choose from a catalog of standard components (DME, HASCO, FUTABA, PROGRESSIVE, STARK, etc.) or customized components. The resulting 3D models are then used for interference checking during mold opening, as well as for automatic generation of deliverables such as production detail drawings and BOMs.

PTC Creo EMX increases design speed because the unique graphical interface gives you quick, real-time previewing before the 3D component or assembly is automatically placed. Once your components are placed, operations such as clearance cuts and drilled and tapped holes are automatically created in the appropriate neighboring plates and components, thus eliminating tedious and repetitive mold detailing tasks. PTC Creo EMX also enables moldmaking companies to capture their own unique design standards and best practices directly within the mold assemblies and components.

If you’re looking to accelerate moldbase design and find more time to development better quality, highly innovative designs, then PTC Creo Expert Moldbase Extension is your perfect solution

This video shows an example of how a complete mold set can be created within PTC Creo.

B&W Softwareis the leading global provider of add-on applications for the 3D-CAD System Creo Parametric. Since many years B&W develops specially tailored software solutions to increase efficiency in the field of product design.

Industry solutions – from design to manufacturing – raise the bar while using Creo Parametric. As a strategic PTC partner B&W software products are fully integrated into the Creo Parametric system and are marketed through PTC channels.

The extension and customizing of your CAD environment by B&W software for intelligently automating routine tasks lead to cost saving and increased productivity. Furthermore you will increase most quality aspects of your products, cut down development cycles and create room for new ideas and perspectives.

Product:Creo Expert Moldbase Extension (EMX)
Supported Architectures:x64
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System Requirements:PC *
Size:295.7 mb

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